This website was previously operated by a counterfeiter and sold counterfeit Montblanc pens and accessories. Montblanc obtained a court order to seize the domain name associated with this counterfeit site and over 260 others to protect its consumers from unknowingly purchasing counterfeit product.  If you purchased product from this website, Montblanc urges you to regularly check your credit card statements to ensure your details are not being used by the counterfeit operators for other means.  If you believe that you have been victimized, we suggest that you contact your credit card company or other payment processor and request a refund. You may also submit a complaint with your local law enforcement authorities.

The only way to ensure you are not purchasing counterfeit Montblanc product is to buy from an authorised retailer.  A list of authorised retailers can be found on the official Montblanc website at

To those consumers who may knowingly consider the purchase of counterfeit items, we urge you to recognise that by purchasing counterfeit product you support criminal activity and are providing your financial details to entities who may misuse them.


The defendants operating this website have been charged with violations relating to trademark infringement and counterfeiting.  A copy of the Complaint and court order may be obtained from Plaintiff's attorney, Martin Schwimmer, Leason Ellis, One Barker Avenue, White Plains, New York 10601, United States.